Where to have the best Ramen in Paris?

11 December 2017

Kunitoraya – 5 rue villedo 75001 Paris France

Lunchtime:12noon -14.30pm Dinner:7pm -1o.30pm
Metro: Pyramids (lines 7, 14)
No reservation necessary

Psst! Be on the look out for long lines to get in around lunchtime (tip: go early around 12:30pm if you can instead of 1:30pm).


Best Ramen in Paris? Known for its Japanese noodles, ramen, udon and soba soups: Kunitoraya is a hot spot on the Parisian food scene. Located in Rue Sainte Anne area: minimalist exposed walls, white coat wearing servers, trendy people, long lines.. This is the place to be for a delicious hot soup sipping moment. The food is more than worth the wait.

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Where to have the best Ramen in Paris?



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