Andiata & WWF: An Evening for the Baltic Sea

Andiata & WWF: An Evening for the Baltic Sea

Andiata and WWF Finland arranged together an evening for the Baltic Sea on Thursday Sept 12th. The event was held at Andiata’s flagship store in the heart of Helsinki in a beautiful autumn evening.

Andiata has collaborated with WWF Finland since spring 2019 by supporting their valuable work for the Baltic Sea. In the Evening for the Baltic Sea our guests heard speeches from Andiata founder and CEO Tarja Rantanen, and WWF Finland’s Secretary General Liisa Rohweder.

The guests had an opportunity to shop during the event, and Andiata will donate 20% of the worth of these purchases to WWF Finland’s protection program for the Baltic Sea. We want to thank both WWF Finland and our guests for the wonderful evening.

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