We thank WWF Finland for our collaboration

We thank WWF Finland for our collaboration

“Finnish nature, including the beautiful Baltic Sea and the Finnish archipelago, have always been a significant source of inspiration for me. Its fresh air, wilderness and changing seasons. It must be protected for our children, so that they too will be able to see the beauty of it. Sustainability is a continuous journey, a step by step process. We are not and we will never be perfect at it. Nevertheless me, my daughter and the whole Andiata team are committed together to become better at it, year after year.”

– Tarja Rantanen, Andiata Founder, CEO & Head Designer

From April 2019 until June 2020, Andiata collaborated with WWF Finland for the protection of the fragile Baltic Sea. During this time, we created multiple campaigns and activations to raise funds and create awareness for the future of the Baltic Sea, and for WWF Finland’s valuable work. In April 2019, we ran a two-week campaign donating 5€ of each Andiata purchase to WWF Finland.

In August of 2019, we highlighted the devastating situation of the Amazon rainforest fires in our communications channels, encouraging our followers to become monthly donors for WWF to help save the rainforests. In September, we hosted an exclusive guest event with WWF Finland – An Evening for the Baltic Sea – in our Helsinki flagship store, with 20% of each purchase being donated for the protection of the Baltic. The event was attended by our CEO Tarja Rantanen and the secretary general of WWF Finland, Liisa Rohweder. Additionally, we held a 24-hour campaign on the 12th of September 2019, donating 15% of all sales during that day for WWF Finland. Throughout our collaboration, we have donated 5€ to WWF Finland from all organic cotton Famie t-shirts sold, increasing that number to a 10€ donation for all linen products for the final month of our collaboration in June 2020.

Andiata CEO Tarja Rantanen (right) with the secretary general of WWF Finland, Liisa Rohweder

Donations to WWF Finland help to further the existing preservation and protection efforts such as reducing the amount of plastic in the Baltic Sea, increasing preservation areas and lobbying for increased ocean protection, working to diminish the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea caused by the agricultural industry, and training the WWF Finland emergency oil aid groups, the “öljyntorjuntajoukot”, a group of volunteers aiding government officials in the event of an oil spill. All these activities require persistent long-term action and funding, from small actions like gathering waste from shorelines, to lobbying for major conservation changes in the government.

For us, sustainability is a journey. No one is perfect when it comes to sustainability, but we believe that taking the first step is crucial, as inaction is worse. We have been proud to be able to give back, and are thankful for our community of Andiata women that feel passionate about protecting our planet for the future generations, and joined us in the efforts to save the Baltic Sea along with WWF Finland.

We thank WWF Finland for the long and successful collaboration with us. Creating change for a more sustainable tomorrow is an important journey for us all to follow, and we have been proud to be able to create a positive impact and encourage our partners and customers to take this journey with us. We will continue to contribute to the protection to the Baltic Sea, and hope you all will too.

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