Women's business attire

Women's business attire

Dress codes that define the right type of workwear have eased over the last decades and nowadays, more informal clothes are often allowed in many workplaces. However, different organizations may still have quite varying dress cultures. Therefore, when considering how to dress to one’s workplace it is good to bear in mind the company image, one’s position in the workplace, and the nature of the job.

Still, although many organizations are much more lenient these days, when it comes to how people dress to work, it is important to remember, that clothing and appearance are part of the first impression that one makes on other people. A stylish and polished look with quality clothes creates a professional impression and dressing well communicates also appreciation towards clients and colleagues. Furthermore, clothes that fit the occasion create self-confidence when the attire both feels and looks good.

How is a sophisticated appearance then created? It is essential to choose the right designs and colors; calm hues, good tailoring, high-quality, and clean-cut minimalism will always look good. The foundation for well-functioning work attire is created by first-class materials combined with aesthetically beautiful designs, comfort and easy compatibility. Good workwear should be so comfortable, that one can practically forget them, and when the occasion calls for, could wear them at the office as well as during leisure. Each Andiata product has this something – a touch of classical femininity combined with current trends and perfect tailoring. Well-fitting, clean-cut clothes help in building credibility, and one does not need to hide their femininity in business attire. The right outfits can support success in work life and one benefits from a presentable, smart look at all workplaces.

Each product in an Andiata collection has been carefully designed, and only first-class and best-suited materials are used in our garments. The fine workmanship and well-thought details guarantee high-quality and long-lasting clothes for work. Andiata collections are timelessly stylish, and our products are designed to last for many years. The ANDIATA BASICS collection consists of versatile, high-quality, classical clothes, which one can wear from year to year, and which help one build a well-functioning wardrobe for work.

“If you want to be a CEO, dress like a CEO.”

A Good Wardrobe for Work

A well-fitting blazer:
black or navy blue. A dark blazer is easy to wear with pants, dresses and skirts, and a blazer made of high-quality woolen material will last from one season to another. Dona 2L is a classic, two button jacket made of thin woolen fabric. Mali is a slightly shorter blazer with a single button. Double-breasted Jenner blazer made from thick, high-quality stretch jersey is a stylish and comfortable option to wear from day to night. These dark blazers are also easy to combine with other garments.

Tailored trousers:
with a wide and a narrow leg. The essential trousers for any wardrobe include the straight-leg Klava and the narrower Sanna 2. Both these trousers are made of high-quality wool, blended with a little elastane to add comfort. Suzette P and Dania trousers are the best option for ultimate all-day comfort as the stretch jersey fabric ensures a more relaxed feel without compromising style and fit. These trousers are made to last.

The classic, straight-line woolen pencil skirt is a timeless classic, which is easy to match with other clothes. The perfect length for the skirt is one that stops just above the knee, or which reaches slightly lower. The Andiata Pepita 60 is exactly such a skirt, ideal for the work place.

Two dress shirts:
A dress shirt is the cornerstone of the wardrobe and will help you create an elegant style. Furthermore, there is no garment that can’t be combined with a dress shirt. Dress shirts are perfect to be worn under a blazer for the office or for celebration, or simply as their own. Cotton dress shirts Nicci in white and traditional light blue, and the perfectly tailored Gerri are key pieces for business attire. The slightly elastic material guarantees comfort and a flawless fit, and white and light blue are classical choices for a business woman.


After a long consideration and design period, we decided to create a permanent collection, which contains the essential pieces both for work and leisure. Andiata Basics is an act for slow fashion; we offer only long-lasting garments, with which one can build a functional wardrobe in its entirety. We chose high quality materials and easy-to-wear designs to ensure the longevity of our products in the collection. We designed clothes that are here to stay.


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