Introducing: Andiata responsible cashmere

Introducing: Andiata responsible cashmere

Cashmere – a natural fiber originating from Asia that is durable, light, and warm.
The Andiata high-quality cashmere comes from Inner-Mongolia, where the world´s finest cashmere is produced. Additionally, our cashmere is dyed with environmentally friendly dyes. The high-quality long cashmere fibers result in a soft and silky feel.

We at Andiata work continuously towards making our collections as environmentally friendly as possible.

Therefore, we are proud to announce the Andiata responsible cashmere in our Autumn/ Winter 20 collection, taking a step towards increased transparency, committing to environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainability.

The high-quality cashmere used in our AW20 collection is sourced and manufactured respecting the environment, people, and the animals, for a responsible material in high-quality.

We work closely with our GOTS and ICCAW certified suppliers to ensure high-quality and responsibility. The GOTS and ICCAW certifications ensure the ecological and ethical life cycle of the cashmere all the way from caring for the goats producing the cashmere, to making the raw materials, and finally creating the end product of soft cashmere.

We look forward to continuing developing our future collections to be more sustainable than the prior.

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