Andiata’s Organic Cashmere


Andiata’s AA grade organic cashmere is fine and luxurious naturally produced cashmere. It comes from Inner Mongolia where all the best cashmere in the world is produced. Andiata’s organic cashmere feels soft, silky and smooth. It is made naturally and colored with environmentally friendly dye. 

Fiber of Excellence


Cashmere is one of the most precious natural fabrics in the world. Andiata’s Cashmere fibre length is 32-34mm which is a third longer than the standard. That makes it of extremely high quality. The yarns used are from the throat and belly of the white goats where the fibre is the finest and has to be extra long to keep the goat warm. Each goat is combed by hand every spring. To make an average-sized sweater, you will need cashmere fibre from approximately 4 adult goats.



Cashmere is very durable and remains in the same shape for a long period of time. When cared correctly, high-quality cashmere will last you for life. Andiata’s 100% cashmere designs improve with wears and hand-washes, by becoming softer and developing a slightly fluffy layer.

Cashmere Care

  • We recommend to hand wash and air your Andiata cashmere regularly. Use lukewarm water to wet the product through. Use only mild detergent.
  • Gently swirl your sweater and let it soak for 30 minutes. Reshape and dry flat on a bath towel. Then carefully roll the sweater in the bath towel, absorbing all the water.
  • Pilling is a natural occurrence in knit garments and it is usually caused by friction. A cashmere sweater pills only once. As the fibers used in Andiata cashmere are longer, it will not happen again after you comb the pills using a special Andiata cashmere comb.

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