Dressing women of all ages is a purpose for Andiata. To celebrate Mother’s Day we have interviewed mothers and daughters of different ages with a diverse way of dressing. From them we have discovered that women are looking for quality pieces that can last from season to season. Clothing is often seen as a moment of sharing and Andiata wants to keep that as a tradition.


Anne & Kristina

Describe each other in three words?

Anne (Mother): Kristina is warm-hearted, caring and intelligent.

Kristina (Daughter): Beautiful, supportive and big-hearted.

How has your style evolved?

A: My style has become more minimal.

K: My style has definitely “calmed down” from consuming fast fashion and adjusting to new trends – it has landed in a place where I’m always searching for more timeless items that last for years to come.

What is the best fashion advice she has given to you?

A: Kristina has inspired my style to be more minimal and effortless.

K: Less is more: Invest in buying high quality items that form the cornerstones of the closet and last a lifetime.

What have you learned from each other?

A: Kristina is very sporty, and I have learned the importance of being active from her. It has had a big impact on me.

K: Be kind to everyone, always.



Katarina & Emilia

Describe each other in three words?

Katarina (Mother): Emilia is intelligent, brave and heartfelt.

Emilia (Daughter): My mother is strong, devoted and kind

How has your style evolved?

K: I have a quite playful approach to dressing – I can wear something elegant one day, and something bohemian the other.

E: My everyday wardrobe is quite casual and effortless whereas I enjoy investing and dressing up for special occasions.

Are your styles similar?

K: Emilia’s style has always been more minimal and sporty than mine. She know my style well, and has brought me wonderful clothes from her trips.

E: When I was young I borrowed a lot of clothes from my mother because of their wonderful quality.  We like similar things and tend to borrow pieces from each other.

What have you learned from each other?

K: My daughters have made me more open-minded – through them, I have learned to see and understand things from different perspectives.

E: I have learned so much from my mother; we were brought up to care about others where everyone was welcome to join the dinner table. She is incredibly energetic and helpful to others; I am amazed by her support for us. I aspire to be the same towards mine.



Tiina & Emma

Describe each other in three words?

Tiina (Mother): My daughter is bubbly, helpful and uncompromising.

Emma (Daughter): My mother is considerate, warm-hearted and dedicated.

How has your style evolved?

T: My style has become more simplified. I’m mostly using light colors but I occasionally wear a toned-down print. In my wardrobe effortlessness and comfort is essential.

E:  I have been mostly influenced by my mother’s style; my wardrobe has evolved mostly from ideas that I pick up from her. Lately I have also been inspired by style blogs and Instagram.

Are your styles similar?

T: We do have quite similar taste in clothes with Emma. It feels special to shop together now and then – to have that family moment.

E: From an early age my mother has been my style inspiration. Her style appeals to me because she always looks elegant yet relaxed.

What have you learned from each other?

T: Emma’s joy of life is something that I aspire to and I really admire that about her.

E: We are quite similar in many ways; both of us have a lot of temperament and my mother has helped me to handle my thoughts and feelings.



Sisko & Reetta

Describe each other in three words?

Sisko (Mother): Reetta is empathic, quick-witted and intuitive.

Reetta (Daughter): My mother is precise, humane and cultivated.

How has your style evolved?

S: My style has evolved from a bohemian wardrobe to a more classic style. However, I have always liked to pair jeans with cotton tunics.

R: I would describe my style as minimal yet feminine. I wear a mostly toned-down palette but I pay close attention to great materials and cuts. With age, I have learned to really value quality.

What is the best fashion advice she has given to you?

S: Since a young age, Reetta has had an independent taste. She has not really given me style advise either.

R: My mother does not advise me in that sense. She has encouraged me to find my own style – to dress as I please, not to dress to please others.

What have you learned from each other?

S: I have learned a lot about Finnish designers and vintage shops from Reetta.

R: My mother has taught me to see things from different perspectives. Also, she has always been keen to try new things – from her I have learned that age is not an obstacle to embrace something new.


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