By taking care of your clothes in the right manner you can ensure your clothes have a significantly longer life span. Different materials and pieces of clothing require different care. Therefore, we have gathered a guide and tips on caring for your clothes, for them to remain in great condition for as long as possible.

General care instructions by material

Caring for different kinds of garments

What to consider when washing your clothes

  • Always follow the care label instructions as they are meant for the specific products and written by professionals.
  • Wash only dirty clothes to save energy, water, and the materials longevity. Wash only full loads of laundry and sort the clothing by color and wash cycle. However, remember that with delicate wash cycles the washing machine should not be full, allowing more space for the clothing.
  • If you wash your clothes in the washing machine, tie any loose strings, and fasten the buttons before washing in order to prevent the material from stretching or snagging.
  • If you wash clothes that are made from thin or delicate fabrics, put them in a wash bag before machine wash. 
  • Remember that the temperature stated on the care label is the highest temperature that piece of clothing can take. Also, washing in lower temperatures is friendlier to the environment.
  • The two most gentle washing programs are the wool and silk programs. These programs are suited for the most delicate garments as well.
  • Avoid using the dryer and ironing your clothes as much as possible to save energy and give your clothes a longer lifespan. Instead, let your clothes air dry and steam them.

How to store your clothes


  • Fold your cashmere, wool, and other knits to avoid stretching.
  • You can also fold your t-shirts and other tops, depending on the material as hanging clothes puts a lot of stress on the material.
  • Cashmere joggers or other trousers made from soft materials should also be folded. Your jeans, corduroy and khaki trousers are better to store folded.


  • The golden rule is to hang all the pieces of clothing that you would not want wrinkled or creased. This often includes dress pants, dresses, silk blouses, dress shirts and blazers. It is also recommended to hang your pure linen items as they tend to wrinkle. It is nicer to have clothing ready for use and not requiring steaming or ironing.
  • Please note that your garment may have hanging loops sewn in. It is recommended to use them when hanging up your clothing as it takes weight of the material, removes friction and so keeps the clothing in better condition.
  • Fasten all buttons and zips and use a correct sized hanger for the garment to keep its shape.

In storage

  • If you are moving clothes into storage, make sure to store them in a cool and dry place where the air can circulate. Use baskets or storage bins meant for storing but make sure they are not sealed completely so that no humidity is trapped in the clothes.
  • It is recommended to use canvas hanging bags for coats and suits, and sturdy canvas boxes for things that can be easily folded such as knits or trousers. Blouses too can be stored folded in boxes, but it is more convenient to store them hung, keeping them crease free.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and dry before putting them away.

How to give your clothes a new life


  • Before throwing old clothes away, check if they are repairable.
  • Buttons and zippers are easily replaceable. Use the spare matching button or replace all buttons to fix your garment or to give it a fresh new look. Zippers are easily fixed at your local cobbler.
  • Holes and tears can be fixed by a professional tailor or by yourself if you have the know-how.
  • If you want to give your clothes a new look, you can always alter them to your liking for example by cropping the hems of your jeans or trousers, or altering the silhouette of your old coat at a seamstress.


  • If you have no use for your clothes, you can sell, donate, or gift your unused clothes to give them a new life.
  • If your garment is beyond repair, remember to recycle it properly at your local recycling station.


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