Complete your look with a stylish belt or add comfort to your day with cozy cashmere accessories.

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Andiata’s high-quality women’s accessories complete your wardrobe and bring the finishing touch to your outfit. You can find luxury cashmere accessories from our selection, women’s leather belts, different scarves and belt bags.

Quality cashmere accessories keep you warm even on the coldest of winter days. Wear your warm cashmere gloves and cashmere beanie and finalize your outfit with a long cashmere scarf or chunky cashmere tube scarf. From our selection you can find cashmere accessories in warm burgundy, classic navy, stylish grey and delicate light mauve. Cashmere accessories are a timeless investment. Divinely soft cashmere brings a little luxury to your everyday outfits.

A large scarf made of high-quality wool-cashmere blend is the go-to accessory in every closet. It is effortless to combine a simple yet elegant wool scarf to different outfits and a scarf of high-quality can be used for years. A modest large woolen scarf is a versatile accessory that can be worn in various ways throughout the seasons.

A trendy down scarf is a modern accessory for both fall and winter. You can wear your down scarf like a shawl on top of a knit or jacket, and why not both. You can also wrap yourself in the down scarf when you need something especially soft and warm to put on.

A stylish large logo scarf is an accessory that can be used in the fall, winter and spring. You can find two Andiata-logo scarfs in our collection, one in beige and one in gray. Two-toned scarfs are made from a high-quality viscose-blend and they are easy to style for many different looks.

An elegant knitted cape is a stylish accessory that you can wear effortlessly with your leather jacket or as an option for a cardigan. The beautiful beige color combination makes the cape a timeless accessory that can also be worn on top of a woolen coat or on your shoulders on a chilly summer night.

You can find stylish women’s belt bags in our selection. Use your belt bag like a belt or use it as a finishing touch in your outfit. You can fit all that is essential to your belt bag starting from your phone and keys. In addition to the classic black model we also have a gorgeous wine-red and navy blue in our collection.

Top up your outfit with an elegant tieable leather belt. Wrap your wide leather belt around your waist to accent your waist when wearing a loose dress or style your relaxed look shirt in a new way with it. An old woolen coat gets a whole new look when you fasten it with a leather belt.

You can take care of your cashmere and wool accessories and knits with Andiata’s cashmere brush. A cashmere brush helps you to keep your cashmere and wool pieces beautiful and in good condition.