Inspiration | 26th July 2023

Creating A Fashion Collection

Born of inspiration and imagination, the process of designing a fashion collection requires attention to the smallest of details. To create long-lasting fashion the quality of materials, fit of the clothes and environmental impact must be considered carefully. Take a closer look at the creative process behind Andiata collections – from the first sketches and choosing the materials to creating the patterns and samples in our Helsinki-based design studio.

Fabric & Material Trade Fair


Preparing for the new collection starts over a year in advance. The very first step is to visit the Première Vision Paris fair – an important meeting point of fabric manufacturers and a place to discover upcoming trends as well as new innovations.

At the fair, Andiata's founder and head designer Tarja Rantanen and her daughter Matilda choose the colors and materials for the collection. Colors are the base of the design process – taking upcoming trends and past seasons to account, 12 colors from the Pantone color book are chosen and divided for the 4 separate drops of the collection.

These colors will then create a cohesive collection working as the base for the chosen fabrics and the designs.

Fabrics & Textures


High quality fabrics have been the heart of Andiata's collections since the very beginning. The sourcing of fabrics is one of the most important steps in the collection's development process.

In the Andiata design studio in Helsinki, the fabric rolls used for the upcoming collection are carefully inspected off any flaws and irregularities by our quality controller.

Andiata aims to use mostly sustainable materials of natural origin in their collections. Each material has been selected for its high quality and lowest possible environmental impact ensuring the beautiful, refined touch and look Andiata's designs are known for is never compromised.

Pattern Design


Craftmanship is a sensibility and the pursuit of excellence – a feeling for the materials with attention to detail and traditional skill.

Our experienced patternmakers with keen eye for detail and shape create the patterns used for the collection's garments. Taking to account the digital drawings, the patterns are drafted and cut in our design studio where each of the collection samples are produced.

Andiata's ateljé is a close-knit community of skilled artisans from designers to pattern makers and seamstresses – working together to produce garments of impeccable fit and quality.

Creating collections this way also means slowing down the production process, focusing on the product and perfecting it –enhancing its purpose and intrinsic value.

The Collection Samples


Andiata has a long-standing tradition of high quality craftmanship. Apart from premium quality fabrics, great fit is the feature Andiata's garment's are best known for.

To ensure each piece is tailored to perfection, a group of Andiata's personal seamstresses – each with great experience and skill – work in the design studio to produce all of the garment samples for the upcoming collection.

Andiata is committed to creating low-waste fashion. Ensuring all of the fabrics purchased are put to good use, Andiata also produces small quantities of garments made with upcycled materials. The Andiata Exclusives are unique, limited edition series of designs – made with high quality fabrics and sample rolls left over from the production process of previous collections.

Fittings & Finishes


Finalizing the collection is no small feat. From the sketching table to the design studio, every step has been taken to create a cohesive collection of pieces that fit together seamlessly.

The days leading up to the shooting of the new collection are busy – a numerous amount of fittings and alterations are required to ensure every piece is perfected. The seamstresses work tirelessly in the design studio finishing the samples.

Occasionally the finalized piece differs greatly from the original – the color, fit and even the material can change during the process.



After over a year of the beginning of the design process, the new collection is ready for a photoshoot.

A culmination and realization of the design process, the photos create the image and convey the feel of the collection. For each collection, two separate photoshoot sessions are arranged – one in the studio setting and one in a outdoor location.



The new collection is finally ready to be presented for the buyers and the public.

The collection's high-quality ready-to-wear pieces are available in Andiata Helsinki and Paris Stores.


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