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Our online shop offers currency options euro (EUR) and Swedish krona (SEK). The SEK prices (incl. product prices, shipping costs and discounts) are automatically converted from the EUR prices and are therefore viable for changes. To pay with Swedish krona (SEK), the order details must be for Sweden.

Product prices include the current valid value added tax (VAT) of 24%, when our site identifies the user to be located in an EU country. When the user is outside the EU, VAT is automatically excluded from product prices, and VAT will not be charged for orders outside the EU. Product prices do not include shipping and handling charges. The prices that we have indicated at the time of the order are the valid prices for the customer throughout the buying process period. The final price for the order is verified at check out.

Note however, that we only charge you for the product price and delivery. If you are making your purchase from a non-EU country, you will be responsible for any possible import charges, such as import duties, customs and taxes.

Andiata Oy reserves the right to cancel an order in the case of a clear price error in our online store. A clear price error means, that the price of the product differs clearly and significantly from the real price of the product (for example, if the product has a price of 0.00 euros, or an item has no price at all). In such a case, the incorrect price differs so clearly from the right price, that the customer shall be considered to have understood the price information as incorrect.


A binding agreement to the parties occurs when Andiata Oy has sent the customer a separate order confirmation to the customer’s email address (Order Confirmation). The confirmation is sent immediately, once we have received the order.

If you haven’t received your order confirmation in two (2) working days from placing your order, please contact our Customer Service.

Andiata Oy has the right to reject a customer’s order in individual cases, and neither does Andiata Oy guarantee the availability of e-commerce products  in all situations. All purchases done under the customer’s registered account are considered as the customer’s shopping purchases. It is therefore important, that the customer maintains their account information carefully, and do not allow others to have access to this information.


We normally process orders within three business days of receiving them. The delivery time for products that are in stock is usually around 2-5 business days, from when we have sent the order confirmation. The delivery time is an estimate, and the customer has the right to cancel a sale in the case of a significantly delayed delivery. We will send the customer a separate email notification, once their order is ready to be shipped. Andiata Oy is not responsible for any damages caused by a possible delay in delivery. Andiata Oy responds to, and processes orders in the order we have received them.


We offer selected items with the option for pre-order, before these products are available in our stores. The estimated release date for the pre-order item is included in the product information, and they have the option “Pre-order Now” rather than “Add to Cart”. Please know, that the actual release date for any item may change due to events out of our control. If you have pre-ordered an item, and the initial release date is delayed, you will receive a notification from us.

When ordering an item available for pre-order, you will be charged immediately. Once your pre-ordered item(s) are shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation from us.


All our online store payments and refunds are handled by Shopify Payments, Klarna or PayPal. You can safely pay your order in our online store via your PayPal account, by using the most common credit or debit cards, by online banking or by Klarna invoice (Klarna invoice for countries with currency either Euro or Swedish Kronor). There are local variations depending on shipping destination. We do not store our customers’ bank or credit card numbers. You can read more about the payment methods we offer here.

When you choose to use the Klarna invoice as your payment method, it will be sent to you by email from Klarna once we have shipped your order, and the due date will be the one stated during the buying process. No extra costs will be added, when you choose the invoice option. Please note, that you will always be required to provide a complete personal identification number when you choose the Klarna invoice as your form of payment. At the time of purchase, Klarna checks the creditworthiness of the buyer. This may also include checking credit information from the credit information service. In the credit rating, Klarna mainly examines the following issues: 1) past payment history with Klarna, 2) the amount of the purchase and 3) external information Klarna retrieves from the credit information service (in this case you will receive a message stating that the information has been retrieved from the credit information service). In other words, it is a combination of various factors by which Klarna evaluates your credit rating. If the payment does not go through with the invoice option, you can place an order with any other payment method we offer. Please contact Klarna, if you have any questions about credit rating. If you would like to know more about the processing of personal data at Klarna, we invite you to visit the Klarna security bulletin at: http://cdn.klarna.com/1.0/shared/content/legal/terms/Klarna/en_gb/privacy

If you choose the Klarna invoice option as a form of payment, Klarna will, at the time of purchase, pay the full price of the order to Andiata Oy. Thus Klarna will be entitled to the claim, and Klarna will send a payment reminder, if the payment is not paid by the due date. For this Klarna will charge a reminder fee of € 5.00. Klarna will also charge interest for late payment according to the Interest Act. If, despite payment reminders, the claim is still outstanding, Klarna may transfer the claim to the debt collection agency, which may result in additional costs. Klarna terms and conditions (in Finnish): https://www.klarna.com/fi/ehdot/

If you chose PayPal as your payment method, you will automatically be forwarded to PayPal’s pages. If you already have an account there, you can log in to your PayPal account and finalise the payment. If you do not have an account you can log in as a guest or make an account and proceed with payment thereafter. You can read more about PayPal’s privacy regulations here https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/privacy/privacyhub

The Andiata gift cards bought from the webshop are valid at the Andiata online stores and physical store in Helsinki. 


The purchase is final only after you have seen and approved the product(s). For this reason you can return Webshop orders the products up to 14 days after the order has been delivered. Please note that we don't offer returns in Helsinki or Paris stores. We ship all orders within three business days of receiving them, and you will receive an email notification, once your order is ready to be shipped. You may try the product to see if it fits, the only return conditions are, that:

  • the price tags are in place
  • the product is unused

Returns are free. Note however, that if you have chosen a shipping option other than the cheapest one available, no additional shipping costs are refunded. You can find more information on how to return or exchange a product, and how to make a refund at the Shipping & Returns page.

Not collecting the package is not enough for canceling your order. If the package is not picked up and the carrier returns it to our warehouse, we will charge a 10€ (or 100 SEK) return fee. This return fee applies to Click & Collect orders also.

If you have selected an invoice as the method of payment for the order, and are returning the product after the due date, it is important that you postpone the due date on the invoice. You can easily transfer your due date at klarna.com.

Please note, that if you have placed your order in the European Union, your return must also be made within the European Union. When returning from a non-EU country, Andiata will not reimburse any possible taxes, import customs or fees paid to DHL.

Gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged for money. In case you would like to return a product purchased with a gift card, we will refund your purchase back to the gift card. This way you can re-use the returned value in your next order. Please note that this does not extend the original expiration date of the gift card (6 months from date of delivery).


To exchange an item bought at our online shop, please return the unwanted product and place a new order online. If you cannot find the size or product you are looking for, you can contact our customer service.


Unless otherwise stated, all intellectual property rights, (including but not limited to copyright, trade marks, registered and unregistered designs, database rights, domain names and goodwill [“Intellectual Property Rights”] in all content, including all texts, graphics, logos, photographs and images) are the exclusive property of Andiata Oy. Any commercial use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution and transmission of any content, is strictly prohibited without the consent of Andiata Oy.


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