Inspiration | 28th September 2023

Andiata's Knitwear Featured in Vogue Czechoslovakia

Vogue Czechoslovakia features Andiata in an article discussing knitwear from a sustainable perspective. Read more about what Matilda Morelius shared on Andiata's approach to knitwear.

Quality and correct maintenance are the keys to a knitwear collection that lasts from one season to another. "Knit pieces often stand the test of time when they are made from high-quality materials and yarn combinations in neutral colors such as different tones of beige, white, and navy," says Matilda. "Knitwear requires minimal washing, and its maintenance usually consists of regular ventilation, significantly reducing the use of chemicals and water."

In addition to design and care, the choice of material is increasingly more critical in determining the garments' overall sustainability. That is also why Andiata has switched from 100% cashmere to mostly merino wool. "Merino is considered more sustainable and durable due to the efficient production process," Matilda says, further explaining, "Even a small percentage of cashmere can make a significant difference in the comfort and quality of a garment."

Andiata's Edmee Wool-Cashmere skirt is the perfect example of a garment utilizing wool as its predominant fiber while adding cashmere for comfort. The classic and comfortable skirt is also featured in the Vogue Czechoslovakia article's pieces to invest in.

Read the full article on Vogue Chechoslovakia >>

Article written by Kristyna Jandová (28.9.2023)


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