Inspiration | 13th December 2023

Unveiling the Timeless Beauty of the Roseann Choker

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, the rose choker stands as a testament of eternal style. Its recent resurgence exemplifies the nature of dressing, where past trends find new life and relevance in the present moment. Inspired by a mutual affection for the accessory, we wanted to create a rose choker that would adhere to our design ethos of timelessness and quality. The outcome? The Roseann choker, a quality piece of enduring elegance, featuring an open-ended ribbon attachment for effortless and versatile styling from neck to waist to hair tie.

Handcrafted Excellence Behind the Design

The design process of the Roseann choker initiated as a collaborative exchange of ideas. In the pursuit of a material both supple and sophisticated, we proposed employing our renowned Gytta trousers fabric. The suggestion sparked enthusiasm, and after ensuring technical fit, the concept began to gain momentum within the design team.

The initial drawing of the accessory took place in our atelier in Vallilla. The design of the rose was a process of several iterations, as we aimed to find a pattern of precision and minimized surplus material. Eventually, a long-lined cut, fashioned into a bouquet was chosen. 

For the handcrafted quality demanded, we turned to a boutique manufacturer in Lithuania. With our enduring partnership founded on mutual dedication to quality, we knew our visions' translation to life would be flawless.

Timeless and effortless to pair – black and white were an intuitive choice of color for the rose. An open-ended ribbon attachment was selected to allow the rose to sit seamlessly in its various placements. The perfect accent for occasion wear and an emblem of sophistication to punctuate an everyday style, the Roseann choker is a time-transcending addition of elegance to your wardrobe.


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