Choose your favorite pair of jeans from different fits. Go fun and trendy with wide Nikasa culottes or with cropped flare Dory jeans with a raw fringe on the hem.


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Andiata is a fully female driven company, and we want to contribute to female workforce and support women in leadership positions. Powerful women inspire us daily, and we we want to design a diverse wardrobe suitable for versatile lifestyles.


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ANDIATA - Northern quality and craftsmanship for the woman of today.

Andiata Design studio

Andiata design studio is nestled in the urban district of Vallila in the heart of Helsinki. At the studio, our design team works closely together with our own pattern makers and seamstresses to produce the highest quality craftsmanship. Andiata releases two seasonal collections every year. Before each season, our design team gathers to discuss and brainstorm how we may maintain and further develop our signature style, competence and high-quality throughout the year and each collection. Surrounded by sketches, patterns and fabric rolls, our designers and creative team are busy producing the first samples of each new product. 

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