Inspiration | 30th September 2023

A Vacation in Sicily

Tarja and Matilda travel each year to Italy to spend a relaxing vacation and gather inspiration for Andiata's upcoming collections. Read more about Tarja’s and Matilda's trip to the beautiful island of Sicily and get inspired by their impeccable holiday style.

A Day At The Beach

Surrounded by turquoise waters of the Mediterranian, Sicily is full of gorgeous beaches. Tarja and Matilda enjoy a day at the beach – relaxing in sun chairs and swimming in the warm waters. A full-length breezy dress is a versatile outfit for the day – it protects the skin from the sun and is a sophisticated choice to wear to lunch in one of Taormina's seaside restaurants.

After lunch it is time to wander the pastel streets of Taormina and take in the charming architecture, lively markets, scenic squares and beautiful churches. A long flowy dress in a vibrant floral print creates an effortlessly feminine look – perfect for a daytime stroll with sandals and for a fabulous dinner with heels.

Taormina in The Evening

Taormina's streets are bustling with life even after dark. Tarja and Matilda enjoy an evening at the opera followed by a late-night dinner full of delicious Sicilian cuisine and local wines.

Prints are an effortless way to create a statement-making evening look. A beautifully cut dress in a colourful rose print oozes elegance of the Italian summer. A voluminous skirt combined with a silk scarf as a top in a matching Toile de Jouy -print creates an outfit with a perfect blend between contemporary and classic elements.

Views at The Vineyard

Standing at the hilltop overlooking the Mediterranian, Taormina has no shortage of breathtaking views, luscious gardens and vibrant vineyards. Away from the crowded streets of the city center, Tarja and Matilda spend a relaxing day exploring the vineyards and parks adorned with bronze sculptures and fountains.

The nature's gorgeous scenery and charming villas create a landscape fit for an elegant fashion moment. Embodying the quintessential Italian charm, a calf-length black dress creates a look of timeless sophistication, perfect for every occasion. For the most glamorous of events, a streamlined dress embellished with golden sequins is a sure way to make a statement.


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