Andiata Women | 1st October 2021

Raha From Los Angeles

This month our series of inspiring women wearing Andiata continues with Raha Mehdizadeh, a 34-year-old realtor currently living in Los Angeles. Raha, who enjoys helping people, loves her occupation: "it has been a crazy ride but I wouldn't have had it any other way", she says. Although driven and ambitious, there is an adventurous side to Raha that takes her occasionally to travels to see new parts of the world. But Los Angeles has also a lot to offer, and there are numerous reasons to love the city. Read more to discover Raha's best tips for the perfect time in the City of Angels, and discover her favorite Andiata piece.

Raha's Perfect Day in Los Angeles

Raha is an early bird, who likes to wake up so early in the morning that it feels like she's the only person up. The perfect morning starts by visiting her favorite coffee shop, after which she heads out to enjoy the scenery hiking trails of the city to recharge some energy for the day. After the hike in the nature, there's nothing better than a lunch with a dear friend, some wine and plenty of good food. The evening gets its perfect ending by watching the sunset at the beach and enjoying dinner and drinks in good company.

What To Do And See in LA

According to Raha, all the historic places of the city are a must-see. LA has also lots of beautiful nature to experience, and Raha has a personal favorite for a scenic experience: road tripping along Highway 1, which runs along the Pacific Coastline. "It is just so beautiful!", Raha says.

Where To Drink in LA

Raha is a big fan of speakeasies. Therefore, she recommends Old Lightning, a hidden cocktail bar behind an unmarked door at the Venice Beach. The mysterious bar has a dress code: you must leave your phone at the door, so that the whole experience is about enjoying the present moment. For a similar experience Raha recommends The Nice Guy, which is not only a great choice for good drinks but also for celebrity spotting. Should one travel to LA to see the celebrities from one's daily feed, The Nice Guy is the place to be.

Where To Eat in LA

When it comes to eating in LA, in Raha's opinion, there is so much diversity and good places to try. For this reason, Raha has many personal favorites: sushi at Nobu, Meditarranian-style small dishes to share (or not to share) at Bacari's, the amazing sandwiches at Larchmont Wine & Cheese and, of course, the many street food and taco trucks. When in LA, one should also try the animal-style burger at In-N-Out. "It's simply just too good", Raha explains.

Raha, Fashion & Andiata

To Raha, fashion is a way to express her personality, and it also helps her to feel confident and be creative in expressing her mood. The realtor was first introduced to Andiata through a friend, and ever since the first introduction she has fallen in love. "I love Andiata! Every piece is just so classy and beautifully made", she says. Although there are many pieces that she adores from the new collection, one piece has become her ultimate favorite: the Suela Trench Coat.

“Every time I put the Suela coat on, I feel like I can conquer anything on my way. It boosts my confidence and makes me feel and look good.”

Raha Mehdizadeh

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Realtor

Instagram: @junelove29


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